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Savage Mowers Built for Irish Conditions

Krone mowers are known for their strong build quality, low running costs and excellent cut quality, even in heavy first cut silage.Designed, built for and proven by Irish Farmers and contractors.

Nothing Cuts Cleaner Than a Krone.

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How would a KRONE Mower benefit you?


Tried & proven in Ireland over many years, the patented Krone system protects the disc and complete driveline. On impact, the roll pin shears and the disc spins up and out of the way of neighbouring discs. 10 minutes and a 20c part gets you back working and could save €000’s in repairs.

Fully Welded Cutterbar

Unlike many other mower beds, the Krone mower features a one-piece fully welded casing made of high quality, heavy gauge steel for huge strength and durability. The wedge shape gives a clean cut, even in lodged crops.

Quick-Change Blades

Quick-change blades are considered a must by many farmers and contractors. The blades are quick and easy to change.


The drive gears in the Krone mower drive smaller spur gears on which the discs are mounted. This means cleaner cutting (the blades are closer to the crop), much more oil in the mower bed and the ability to REVERSE THE DIRECTION OF ANY DISC. It is possible to change the direction of any disc without any spare parts via an eccentric hub mounting. This allows you to decide if you want to make a narrow swath for baling or lay it out flat for faster drying. This is unique to Krone!


A clean cut is essential for producing clean forage. All EasyCut KRONE Mowers come as standard with the unique KRONE DuoGrip suspension system. This system suspends the disc mower in its centre of gravity which allows it to float on even the most hilly terrain. Maintaining a consistent ground pressure across the full working width, producing the cleanest cuts with light pull and control.

Transport Position

Krone mowers are designed to sit low and center when in transport position. Whether it be 8 foot or 11 foot, the Krone mower sits at 100- 124 degrees (depending on model) which ensures it doesn’t stick out on narrow roads and is also very stable at high transport speeds.

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Find the RIGHT mower for you

Krone are the grass equipment specialists. They offer 57 different models so there is one to suit the needs of farmers and contractors, big and small.


Rear Mounted ActiveMow

Irish Farmers’ Favorite Mower! Perfect for mowing and topping, this very popular side mounted farmer’s machine comes in 2.0m (7ft), 2.4m (8ft) and 2.8m (9ft). Like the bigger models, SafeCut, QuickChange blades and the cleanest cut all included as standard.


Rear Mounted EasyCut

Designed for the professional farmer and contractor, these extra heavy-duty centre-pivot mowers are available in 2.8m (9ft), 3.2m (10ft) and 3.6m (11ft), with and without conditioner. Like all Krone mowers, they feature Safecut and a fully welded cutter bar. The famous Krone CV conditioner is the most agressive in the business with lock out tines, Hardox plates and a 640mm diameter rotor.


Front Mounted EasyCut

Designed for the professional farmer and contractor, the ECF front mowers complement the ECR or ECB mowers improving efficiency and increasing outputs. Available in 2.8m (9ft) and 3.2m (10ft), with and without conditioner. Available in push or pull type, the Krone front mower are renowned for how well they follow the ground, clean cut and how close they sit to the tractor which ensures a ‘tidy outfit’.


EC Trailed

Trailed EasyCut

The Krone EC trailed mower (2.8m- 9ft or 3.2m – 10ft, with conditioner) has become legendary with Irish famers and contractors. It features the heavy-duty Krone, fully welded Krone bed with features like SafeCut and SmartCut. Along with this, it has excellent ground contouring capability thanks to its fully independent hydraulic suspension and bed tilt features. Coupled with a strong build and a the cleanest cut on the market, the Krone trailed mower has farmer and contractor fans all over the country.


Rear Mounted Double EasyCut

The technology in this robust, yet easy to run butterfly mower enables uniform pressure across the full working width. Maximising operator comfort and efficiency. Available in 7.5m, 8.7m, 8.9m, 9.7m and 10m with or without the huge 640mm conditioner rotor with lockout tines/ paddles. The Krone triples are also available with or without groupers which gives contractors flexibility.


Mower Conditioner

The BigM450 needs no introduction. It is the go-to for Contractors looking to maximum output and efficiency. Offering a huge 10m work width, superior maneuverability, optimum weight distribution and tapping into enormous 450hp power reserves, BiG M 450 is the perfect mower for maximising efficiency when mowing high acreage.