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Spreaders Built for Accuracy

AMAZONE Spreaders are designed for you to put precisely the correct amount of fertiliser exactly where you need it. Whether you are a large-scale contractor or a part time farmer, AMAZONE has a spreader for you. Finance options are available on all machines –  speak to your local dealer today!

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How would a AMAZONE spreader save you money?


AMAZONE’S Soft Ballistic System(SBS), means that the fertiliser is guided gently onto the centre of the discs, where they are turning slowest. This ensures the fertiliser is not smashed so that even the most fragile fertiliser keeps its spreading properties and ensures that you get an accurate spread pattern. The agitator also turns very slowly and rocks back and forth when it encounters a lump which helps ensure the granules stay intact.

EasyCheck Mats

Accuracy in the palm of your hands! With the aid of the AMAZONE EasyCheck App and 16 lightweight mats checking the precision of your spreader has never been more convenient. With all the instructions in front of you, adjustments can be made in minutes if necessary.

Parking Wheels

Available on all AMAZONE mounted spreaders, the parking wheels on your AMAZONE Spreader allows for more safety when coupling and uncoupling the machine, allows for easier storage and movement of the spreader. The Parking Wheels can stay on the spreader when in the field as they are out of the way.

Stainless Steel Spreading Systems

From the agitator tips and shut-off plates to the drive chain, the entire spreading system on the AMAZONE spreader range is finished with Stainless Steel, so you get maximum life from your machine.

4-Layer Paint Finish

With 4 heavy duty layers of top quality paint applied to the AMAZONE Spreader, it can withstand years of friction between paint and fertiliser, preventing rust and allowing for a longer life span of the Spreader

Online Fertiliser Service App

All Amazone spreaders can take advantage of the Amazone fertiliser app. Here, there are hundreds of Irish fertiliser samples logged with recommended setup instructions. It couldn’t be simpler to setup an Amazone spreader!


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Find the RIGHT spreader for you

With over 25 models to choose from in the AMAZONE Fertiliser Spreader range, there is an extensive variety of machines to avail of with a vast range of specification that can be tailored to your needs.


From 500kg- 1750kg capacity, the AMAZONE ZA-X Perfect can spread from 10m-18m. Ideal for spreading on paddocks and small scale spreading operations.


From 1000kg- 3000kg capacity, the AMAZONE ZA-M Special can spread from 10m-36m is ideal for larger-scale Fertiliser applications and that extra capacity for efficiency.


From 1400kg-4200kg capacity, the AMAZONE ZA-TS spreads from 10m-36m and is for the professional farmer who wants a high output of just over 80ac/hr. Online calibration through weigh cells, a one piece pressed steel spreading unit and fully welded hoppers all as standard. The ZA-V is the perfect spreader for those looking for accuracy and value.


From 1400kg-4200kg capacity, the AMAZONE ZA-TS Spreads from 15m-54m with Integrated AutoTS, adding extreme accuracy and greater output at vast widths. The ZA-TS is the range topping spreader and is for farmers and contractors spreading high rates who want the most accurate machine on the market.


With a capacity of 7500kg-10000kg and capable of spreading 15m-54m the AMAZONE ZG-TS is designed for the professional contractor spreading bulk fertiliser with extreme accuracy. This new machine has proven very popular with Irish contractors looking for accuracy and a range of features such as steering axle and Argus Twin.