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Krone rakes are built to last the pace of Irish farmers and contractors. With unique features across the range, they rake clean every time without contaminating the forage

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What are the advantages of a KRONE Swadro Rake?

The Jet Effect

The KRONE Jet Effect ensures the tines will not dig into the ground when the rotors lower and lift. Emulating the touch-down and take-off of an airplane, the leading rotors lift off first and the rear rotors follow. Vice versa when lowering into work, the wheels on the rear touch down first followed by the wheels at the front – an intelligent system to protect the swath and avoid crop contamination.

Cardanic Rotor Suspension System

Both rotors have cardanic suspension. On the front rotor this is implemented via the float position of the drawbar-mounted ram and on the rear rotor by the elongated hole. This gives both rotors full hugging abilities so they rake clean even in difficult conditions or on undulating terrain. Along with this, the central suspension ensures the rotors are kept level when being lifted and lowered on the headlands.

Electric Height Control

All rakes bigger than the TC640 come with electric height control as standard. The user can set the height of each rotor independently from the comfort of the cab. Single rotor lift is standard across all Krone rakes.

DuraMax 3 Year Warranty Cam-track

The DuraMax cast iron cam track with a 3 year warranty is at the heart of all Krone rakes. The steep cam track provides precision guidance for the tines. A small track diameter in combination with massive cams make for quiet running, reduces wear and leads to well-shaped swaths. Best of all, the DuraMax cam track is completely maintenance free and self lubricating


Krone Lift Tines

All  KRONE rakes have KRONE Lift Tines as standard specification. Kinked in two positions, these tines offer significant benefits that have been verified in a DLG Focus Test. The KRONE Lift Tines give a better performance because of the steep angle in heavy crops. As a result the machine can work faster and still deliver uniform swaths.  Lift Tines can be set to a higher work height than traditional tines which reduces the risk of crop contamination as well as tine wear.

Durable Tine Arms

The Swadro tine arms receive precision control from the cam track for equally precision contouring and control of the tines. Made from strong tubular steel, the tine arms offer maximum longevity and reliability. Each tine arm is mounted in a sturdy aluminium housing. With the grooved bearings spaced wide, the tine arms perform reliably in all conditions. Both the bearing housing and the bearings themselves are maintenance-free and permanently lubricated. Tine replacement? Simply undo two bolts and remove the entire arm complete with the bearing and roller.

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Find the RIGHT Rake for you

All Krone rakes offer a high-quality build that is able to cope with the heaviest Irish conditions. Krone, the forage specialists, offer a range of rakes from single rotors all the way up to the range topping Swadro 2000 6 rotor!

Single Rotor

The three-point hitch single rotor rake comes in working widths of 3.5m to 4.6m. Many of the features of the single rotor rake were taken over from the high output rakes.

Trailed Single Rotor

The 38T, 42T and 46T additions to the SWADRO range were developed in response to farmer demands for a trailed and well-proven single rotor rake that offers the well-proven Swadro technology. The tandem axle on these models also serves as transport chassis. From 3.8m to 4.6m

Trailed Twin Rotor Centre

The Swadro TC centre delivery rakes stand out for producing exceptionally consistent swaths while working at extremely high rates, flexible work widths and maximum ha/h performance.
These machines offer work widths from 5.7m to 10m.

Trailed 4 Rotor Centre

Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus from KRONE have four rotors that work at variable widths between 11m and 13.5m coincide with work rates of up to 13 ha per hour. These machines stand out for enormous acreages, quick changeovers, rapid travel, great longevity and easy use.